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In Formula One history, many distinguished and astounding racers have come and gone. Many today are rising up and legendary racers will be born in the distant future. Out of all of those there are a few in history that are well received and remembered. With an astounding consensus, some amazing data was collected from 217 world championship pros to give their opinion on the greatest racers of all time.

Jacky Ickx’ Info

The very first individual is Jacky Ickx. Jacky was born January first 1945 and his parents did a great job because he came up and grew into a fierce racer that went on to gain six Le Mans 24 Hour wins. He further went on and won two world titles and gave thousands of passionate fans, great shows they’ve cherished for a long time waiting for more fierce races to cherish too. For a racer who had eight GP wins, the success didn’t end there. Ickx dominated the flight to Jochen Rindt where there were other renowned racers. His race Lotus 72 during the 1970 season is another great race engraved in history. In each of those Jacky demonstrated why he was one of the best of his time and served as an example to future drivers. Those 13 poles he achieved are testaments to his skill.

Other Amazing Racers

Other competitors for the title of greatest racers go to Lewis Hamilton, Alberto Ascari, Jack Brabham, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Fernando Alonso, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, are all just a few being mentioned here. Alberto Ascari was a two time champ. His record for the highest percentage of wins in a particular season is still untouched to this day. Lewis Hamilton’s 68th pole sealed his stats making them stats that have to be recognized. Jack Brabham had a total of three distinguishing titles earned throughout his driving career, he was truly unique. Juan Manuel Fangio is the original star of Formula one and had one over five titles in his time. Jim Clark was the main star during the 1960’s and had won two championships before he unfortunately perished. If he had gone on then he could have won more titles. Just think of this, he was the first driver of a mid-engined car to win the well-known “Brickyard” and that’s history right there. Regardless of everything he could have done if he had went on, Clark delivered passionate races that definitely inspired future generations and continues to throughout all of these years. Fernando Alonso is mostly known specifically for taking out Schumacher’s reign by delivering a crazy energetic double title victory from the years 2005 to 2006. Alain Prost battled Ayrton Senna, a well-known racer and through his career won a total of four world titles.


Those are all a few of the many racers regarded as the greatest drivers in F1 History. There were many other mentions that can be looked into and there will definitely be many more to come as Formula One continues to grow more. It’s just a matter of time before another legend is born.


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There have been old teams who’ve made historical contributions to the Formula One lineage but there are also New Teams making names for themselves. With the New set of rules, evolution continues on. Formula one is improving. But will these new rules in 2018 make it harder for old teams to adjust and remain or will it lead to new entertaining races? Well first, the new rules should be explored along with the New Teams and what each has to offer, competition wise.

Events + Improvements

As always the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship is like no other event! It’s the ultimate competitive race that all drivers dream of. It will all start around March and conclude in November. Drivers as always will still compete for the World Drivers’ and World Constructors’ titles as it’s always been done. The first notable addition to this Formula One Championship is that there will be a “halo” cockpit protection device that will be beneficial to the racers and their teams for obvious reasons. With the addition of safety precaution, the driver’s minds will be at ease and that will allow them to focus much more on the races at hand. Races that their teams depend on.

Teams Who Will Participate in the Grand Event

Teams that’ll definitely be joining this grand 2018 event range from Mercedes, Ferrari, Force India-Mercedes, Williams, Haas, Renault, Sauber-Ferrari, Toro Rosso and even McLaren’s. Although, all these teams are taking part, there are some slight changes that could affect certain teams’ success. Like McLaren reportedly eliminated the contract partnership they had with Honda and have now signed a three year deal with Renault for power units. It was implied by the team that due to Honda failing to provide reliable and useful power units, their chances of victory in each race were decreased substantially. This new partnership with Renault was made possible after Toro Rosso split with Renault giving McLaren an open opportunity to take advantage and make things better for themselves. Of course McLaren isn’t the only one making changes. Sauber confirmed their once more established partnership with Ferrari. This partnership will allow them to gain new power units that were greatly needed, especially after using older models and not getting as much success throughout 2017. Such a partnership means that Sauber will be improving in 2018 for the better with these positive additions.

Other Changes + Conclusion

Aside from those changes, Special gloves will be added that allow the crews and team of a specific driver, to know the condition of the driver in case a crash occurs. Rules consisting of governing starting procedures will be changed effectively in 2018, which gives stewards the ability to hand out penalties for incorrect race starts. The pre-season test days have gone down to seven. All of these changes are very promising and only time will tell the other amazing changes that’ll come out of 2018 in Formula One.


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Red Bull gives you wings? More like red bull gives you wins!!!! That should totally be the Red Bull Racing team’s slogan. Chances are that it already is and if it isn’t then it will be! If you’re wondering, Red Bull Racing is indeed owned by the very Red Bull beverage company. Red Bull Racing’s founder is none other than Dietrich Mateschitz himself. It has had successful drivers like Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen recently but most importantly the sole individual who assisted in its start being David Coulthard and all of the other hard working drivers following afterwards. Although it had become a racing team, Red Bull had and still is a long term sponsor that contributes a lot in the Formula One racing franchise. It had entered as a race team after jaguar stepped down in 2004. After that point, the race team gained immense success. Red Bull Racing quickly adjusted to the fast track and began to create their persona in the Formula One world.

Growing Business On and Off the Track

Not all racing teams are too ancient. In this case, metaphorically Red Bull is like a middle child in a family. It has come around in the mid 2000’s and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down business wise and on the grand Formula One track either. Ever since it’s entrance into the racing world, the Red Bull Racing team has won four constructors’ championship titles successfully in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and even 2013. It’s thanks to Red Bull that Sebastian Vettel managed to become a world championship driver in those same years. As far back as 2007 Red Bull Racing has been provided engines by Renault and has shifted it to TAG Heuer-branded Renault engines for the past two years and counting.

Ultimate Achievement + Conclusion

Throughout all of those seasons one particular one should be mentioned here. That was in 2009 where the team claimed six astounding victories on course to second overall in the constructors’ standings events. Second place to 2009 comes in 2016 where after bringing together the Renault power unit and the RB12 chassis, the Red Bull team pushed through to become the biggest threat and only rival of the Mercedes for race wins. With that point established, there will be a lot more to see from Red Bull. Their success isn’t ending just yet. The future of Red Bull Racing’s is totally assured and other teams will have to watch out for it in the coming years for sure.


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Another monster well known in Formula One is Ferrari. A fierce racing team that’s known for their competitive spirits by many. Due to this, the team is specifically known as “The Prancing Horse” and it’s even in their brands logo. Its brand is very well known too, particularly the cars. Ever since 1950 Ferrari has maintained its place as one of the oldest distinguished racing teams in the franchise’s history. It’s original founder being Enzo Ferrari. One individual, who built it up and thanks to him, gave many who enjoy racing and Ferrari, over 16 constructor championships. The most notable championship was the 2008 championship. One fact to note is that Ferrari didn’t only win Formula One. Ferrari won races known as the 24 hours of Daytona, the world sportscar championship and other famous races. Ferrari has had drivers on the team like Jody Scheckter, Kimi Raikkonen, Mike Hawthorn, Niki Lauda, Alberto Ascari and many others. Out of all the drivers Michael Schumacher is the most recognized. Schumacher managed to gain five driver titles and even the 72 grand prix for Ferrari. So many successes and definitely more to come!

Info + Update on Progress

Currently Ferrari is participating in yet another grand prix and has fierce competition since Mercedes is in the mix. Does this mean it’ll be too hard to win? Not in the slightest. Especially since Ferrari has advantages of being closer to the front within the races. With their SF70H the chances of success are increased to a positive favor the Ferrari team is pleased with. Don’t even mention the climate shifts the other racers will have to adjust to while the Ferrari racer will be quite pleased. Sebastian isn’t too worried because of this. In fact he’s very confident that they’re closer to Mercedes and will be making improvements although there were a few complications during the previous race where Sebastian finished third place behind Mercedes. Sebastian has definitely considered the weather but it doesn’t seem like he wants to jinx the advantage so he’s just playing it cool as if whether the weather affects Mercedes or doesn’t, doesn’t concern him. He’s focused on winning, as all racers should. Sebastian simply wants a good start to the race, get as far enough as possible and smoothly wrap up a win. Overall Ferrari’s racer will definitely be attempting to create as many gaps as possible when the opportunities arise.

Conclusion + Key Thanks

The team’s overall success lays on Sebastian’s hands and Kimi’s hands. These two will definitely do their best to live up to the expectations. So in due time, their fate in this grand prix will become known. One thing is certain, Ferrari’s future will continue on brimming and shining brighter than before since things will only get better for this cultural Formula One team.


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There are many well-known renowned owners within the racing franchise. One of those being Mercedes Benz particularly in Formula One. A history like none other! Mercedes-Benz won their first race ever in 1954. It was the French Grand Prix and marked the beginning of well-established winners. The particular winner that helped set Mercedes-Benz success being none other than Juan Manuel Fangio. Each of Juan’s three wins raising Mercedes up along with him, the success continued on with two drivers’ championships being racked up but a particular incident made Mercedes steer away from racing for some time. This of course didn’t last forever and Mercedes appearance once more as an engine supplier in 1994 partnering up with llmor of all potential associates.

Info on Mercedes, Partnerships + Work

Through the following years and the occurrences of formula one, Mercedes had partnered and worked alongside individuals like Sauber for a single season before switching over to McLaren steadily rising its professional appearance along the way. It was great for the company and simply added onto its amazing history as not only raisers but company engraved in the franchise’s history. Of course it didn’t end with McLaren. There were many others who were able to achieve success by connecting with Mercedes-Benz. Most notable were Force India and Brawn GP. It makes you wonder why Mercedes operated this way for so long. Some speculate that it was gaining information. Valuable information that’d assist them in winning a championship if they ever considered taking one up again.

Goals + Achievements

This was exactly what Mercedes had in mind with the purchase and establishment of the Brawn GP to Mercedes GP later in 2010. From that point on, some memorable events went down. Events that will be in the franchise’s history for a long time. Most notable of the first events that followed being, was the addition of Williams to the teams being supplied. Williams has won many races and championships, specifically going undefeated from 1980 through 1997. It’s insane how much business Mercedes got! But that just shows how wanted they were and still are to this day. Some separations were made with other teams like the split with McLaren for 2015 and the pursuit of a partnership with the Lotus F1 team briefly. Then came manor and through all of these years Mercedes has racked up higher numbers than simply 100 wins and the numbers will simply continue to rise with Mercedes as time goes on. Right now Mercedes is in another race for the finish line and the grand prix! Things seem bright for the team since they’re ahead of competition. Only time will tell, whether they’ll win this year.