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Are the rules changing for engine manufacturers? Based off of many tragic events in the past, actions are being carried out to create safer races for drivers. Rules aren’t bad; they make things simpler and more enjoyable. Seeing changes should be interesting, new rules raise the competition and that all creates new races. Thus, of course the rules will change for engine manufacturers. The dilemma lines in new manufacturers and the difficulty that exists for them to kickstart. New manufacturers have the potential to bring in and change racing for the better, so new manufacturers should receive help and shifting the rules a bit so that new manufacturers get a helping hand, will contribute to F1 as a whole.

Changes to Come

The FIA stated that Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault all advanced in crafting V6 hybrid turbo engines. If new manufacturers join in, F1 will have to assist them. With more manufacturers there will have to be new regulations and protocols. One individual who specifically agrees that rule needs to be shifted is Ross Brown. Considering the token system as Ross Brown explained, new entrants can be granted development tokens to further help them get adjusted. Once individuals witness this then it’ll urge them to join F1. It’ll create very fair plays. Ross Brown further states that if it’s necessary, assistance will be given to Honda because engines are important and play an important role when it comes to racing. Regardless if Honda is a rival off the track, competition is needed so competing on fair grounds creates memorable matches.

Future Plans

Aside from Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault, McLaren is even thinking of creating its own engine once some new regulations are established in 2021. Another factor that plays into whether McLaren will make it is if the cost to make the engine drops drastically in the coming years. McLaren is interested in seeing the new engine formulas that’ll be around by 2021. In the next few years changes will occur and they may just be beneficial. The revenue redistribution is one of the changes that can assist certain individuals.

What is in Store for in the Near Future?

New f1 engines can sincerely excite past fans interested in the moving races and tech and also pull in a whole new fresh pool of fans that’ll keep the culture thriving and help it grow further. So recap, developing new engines will bring in a lot of cash. That means if the cost is adjusted then there will actually be a lot of positive profits. The very same energy and excitement that once existed in the 80s and 90s will once more existed, except now it’ll be much better as with time, everything gets better. There are a lot of positive changes coming for engine manufacturers and fans alike.