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In Formula One history, many distinguished and astounding racers have come and gone. Many today are rising up and legendary racers will be born in the distant future. Out of all of those there are a few in history that are well received and remembered. With an astounding consensus, some amazing data was collected from 217 world championship pros to give their opinion on the greatest racers of all time.

Jacky Ickx’ Info

The very first individual is Jacky Ickx. Jacky was born January first 1945 and his parents did a great job because he came up and grew into a fierce racer that went on to gain six Le Mans 24 Hour wins. He further went on and won two world titles and gave thousands of passionate fans, great shows they’ve cherished for a long time waiting for more fierce races to cherish too. For a racer who had eight GP wins, the success didn’t end there. Ickx dominated the flight to Jochen Rindt where there were other renowned racers. His race Lotus 72 during the 1970 season is another great race engraved in history. In each of those Jacky demonstrated why he was one of the best of his time and served as an example to future drivers. Those 13 poles he achieved are testaments to his skill.

Other Amazing Racers

Other competitors for the title of greatest racers go to Lewis Hamilton, Alberto Ascari, Jack Brabham, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Fernando Alonso, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, are all just a few being mentioned here. Alberto Ascari was a two time champ. His record for the highest percentage of wins in a particular season is still untouched to this day. Lewis Hamilton’s 68th pole sealed his stats making them stats that have to be recognized. Jack Brabham had a total of three distinguishing titles earned throughout his driving career, he was truly unique. Juan Manuel Fangio is the original star of Formula one and had one over five titles in his time. Jim Clark was the main star during the 1960’s and had won two championships before he unfortunately perished. If he had gone on then he could have won more titles. Just think of this, he was the first driver of a mid-engined car to win the well-known “Brickyard” and that’s history right there. Regardless of everything he could have done if he had went on, Clark delivered passionate races that definitely inspired future generations and continues to throughout all of these years. Fernando Alonso is mostly known specifically for taking out Schumacher’s reign by delivering a crazy energetic double title victory from the years 2005 to 2006. Alain Prost battled Ayrton Senna, a well-known racer and through his career won a total of four world titles.


Those are all a few of the many racers regarded as the greatest drivers in F1 History. There were many other mentions that can be looked into and there will definitely be many more to come as Formula One continues to grow more. It’s just a matter of time before another legend is born.