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The ruler of F1 that’s regarded as the single top empire when it comes to racing is quickly approaching his mark. Bernie Ecclestone is now 86 year old and with age and wisdom comes the decline afterwards. Ecclestone will soon have to hand over what he created and leave a successor who will impact and continue to help F1 grow further and thrive through future generations as a passionate sport with a growing existential culture. For many years Ecclestone was in the forefront of F1’s commercial achievements but his years have caught up and he’s going to have to step back whether he wants to or not, hopefully he simply looks on and steps in only when he really needs to. He accomplished so much with the likes of Colin Chapman, Frank Williams, and Ken Tyrell And many other associates and individuals he considers dear friends.

Ecclestone Passing on the Keys to His Empire

One things for sure though, just like all good ideas, there simply needs to be a kickstart and after it’s grown it will continue on by itself just like a child learning to ride a bicycle. Once it has gotten onto the pedals and begun running alone, it will just continue on and get better and better. Liberty media seems to be quite promising and according to them, Ecclestone isn’t as needed in the process of managing F1 and keeping it up anymore. It’s already well known and has a permanent grasp in the media and history of sports entertainment. Just imagine F1 after Ecclestone is gone, it’ll definitely be different and that isn’t necessarily bad. As all good things have to do, even F1 will have to evolve with new fresh ideas. When one flower dies, another blooms. A flower that will sprout out much higher and better than the previous one always.

Ecclestone’s Childhood

Ecclestone began from a young boy simply selling motorcycle parts that Ecclestone probably never knew he’d grow to create something that brought much happiness. Bernie played a key role in the Formula One Constructors’ Association. He focused on gaining the television rights and through that he was able to expose many to the wonderful sport and what Formula One had to offer. Exhilaration and excitement attracted many. Right now there is someone who will add onto what Ecclestone set up, for the better. He knows this and that’s truly beautiful. He did a lot commercially assuring F1 was at its optimal potential. May Bernie’s empire continue to prosper.