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With the fast track, come deadly crashes and accidents – accidents that prove to be fatal. Quite a few great racers have died during races as a result of crashes. It can be said that the racers died doing what they love the most. A brush with death is exhilarating and something not everyone can brag about or speak of. It’s what racers live for, the excitement and moment when you’re closer to that finish line and you have others on your tail with the same goal in mind. Only one can be the winner and with that train of thought, racers forget their surroundings at times. With that in mind, there are racers who’ve survived terrifying crashes and told their tale.

Racers Who Lived Through the Unbelievable

Of those individuals, there are a few in particular that had the worse crashes. From the most recent crashes to crashes that happened decades ago, each one was unexpected and horrendous for the cars involved but thankfully not for the drivers. The most recent crash went down at the Australian Grand Prix and Fernando Alonso left the track unscaved. It’s amazing how safe Formula One cars are in this day and age. Alonso’s particular crash was at an insane 240 mph, if it were back in the past then the driver would have surely perished.

Other Notable Crash

A second crash that matches the ferociousness of Alonso’s crash is the Martin Brundle’s crash. Brundle’s car rose towards the sky and broke in two yet Bundle was completely fine and actually rushed over and was able to join back just when the race restarted again. Following close behind comes Romain Grosjean and his crash. In the 2012 season alone, Grosjean had numerous crashes that earned him the nickname ‘first-lap nutcase’. During the violent crash, Grosjean nearly lost his head but thankfully didn’t by sheer luck. It’s astounding how lucky some of these drivers are! Especially Jacques Villeneuve and Ricardo Zonta where Villeneuve had an insane crash and Zonta went up next even after seeing what happened to Villeneuve on the track.

Passion Keeps Them Alive in Spirit and Connected to This World

All of these drivers and many more, share one thing in common. They know the risks and go out to do what they love with sincere passion. Passion that can only be matched by other fellow diehards of the Formula One game. There will certainly be more crashes in the future, but with advanced technology, the chance of casualties are decreasing by a large margin.