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Another monster well known in Formula One is Ferrari. A fierce racing team that’s known for their competitive spirits by many. Due to this, the team is specifically known as “The Prancing Horse” and it’s even in their brands logo. Its brand is very well known too, particularly the cars. Ever since 1950 Ferrari has maintained its place as one of the oldest distinguished racing teams in the franchise’s history. It’s original founder being Enzo Ferrari. One individual, who built it up and thanks to him, gave many who enjoy racing and Ferrari, over 16 constructor championships. The most notable championship was the 2008 championship. One fact to note is that Ferrari didn’t only win Formula One. Ferrari won races known as the 24 hours of Daytona, the world sportscar championship and other famous races. Ferrari has had drivers on the team like Jody Scheckter, Kimi Raikkonen, Mike Hawthorn, Niki Lauda, Alberto Ascari and many others. Out of all the drivers Michael Schumacher is the most recognized. Schumacher managed to gain five driver titles and even the 72 grand prix for Ferrari. So many successes and definitely more to come!

Info + Update on Progress

Currently Ferrari is participating in yet another grand prix and has fierce competition since Mercedes is in the mix. Does this mean it’ll be too hard to win? Not in the slightest. Especially since Ferrari has advantages of being closer to the front within the races. With their SF70H the chances of success are increased to a positive favor the Ferrari team is pleased with. Don’t even mention the climate shifts the other racers will have to adjust to while the Ferrari racer will be quite pleased. Sebastian isn’t too worried because of this. In fact he’s very confident that they’re closer to Mercedes and will be making improvements although there were a few complications during the previous race where Sebastian finished third place behind Mercedes. Sebastian has definitely considered the weather but it doesn’t seem like he wants to jinx the advantage so he’s just playing it cool as if whether the weather affects Mercedes or doesn’t, doesn’t concern him. He’s focused on winning, as all racers should. Sebastian simply wants a good start to the race, get as far enough as possible and smoothly wrap up a win. Overall Ferrari’s racer will definitely be attempting to create as many gaps as possible when the opportunities arise.

Conclusion + Key Thanks

The team’s overall success lays on Sebastian’s hands and Kimi’s hands. These two will definitely do their best to live up to the expectations. So in due time, their fate in this grand prix will become known. One thing is certain, Ferrari’s future will continue on brimming and shining brighter than before since things will only get better for this cultural Formula One team.