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Steering wheels have come a long way. From once being round to now being rectangular in shape, it’s all become far more difficult to comprehend and grasp with all the additional buttons that have been implemented and added to the steering wheels with passing time. This has gone through evolution as many objects, creatures and technology has done over time. Thus it is especially noted for Formula One steering wheels. A tool that is very important to all Formula One racers and is a determining factor when it comes to an intense race. Without the right steering wheel, accidents are likely to happen and other issues can arise while on the track. Formula One steerings aren’t like regular steering wheels, there are specific buttons and switches that assist the driver in maneuvering and driving in the fast lane. Take Pascal Wehrlein’s steering wheel as an example. There are easily 12 +++ buttons and each has a unique ability. The box confirms that racers will pit, the SOC manages the energy store, Ack simply acknowledges the shifts. S1 is for overwriting settings, EB switch is for Pedal mapping, MODE is for Torque control settings, MID is the controls spark difference, then there’s N for neutral from 1st to 2nd gear, BP simply actives the bite point finder. There are various other buttons but those are the typical ones wheels usually have.

Evolution over Time

The steering wheels have evolved quite a lot in the past sixty ++ years. From the 90s all the way up to now there has been C12, C13, C14, C15, C16, C17, C18, C19, C20, C1, C22, C23, C24, F1.06, F1.07, F1.08, F1.09, C29, C30, C31, C32 are just a part of the evolution out of the many others that have come into existence. There will be more to come over time, each with a new evolution. Steering wheels shouldn’t be overlooked. Instead they should be praised with respect for being the guide that helps the driver have an intimate connection with the car being drive.

What Lies in Store for the Steering Wheel?

Soon in the future cars may not even be driven with steering wheels. Instead they’ll be driven with the mind. A helmet connected to an individual’s head will allow them to focus on the road and upon focusing, the car will kickstart. It’s a great idea to imagine; with the concept of the steering wheel already shifting towards a different direction it may not be called a steering wheel ten years from now. Nonetheless there are many lessons that were learned thanks to it and it will definitely be remembered in F1 history as will future developments that continue to elevate the F1 legacy.