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There are many well-known renowned owners within the racing franchise. One of those being Mercedes Benz particularly in Formula One. A history like none other! Mercedes-Benz won their first race ever in 1954. It was the French Grand Prix and marked the beginning of well-established winners. The particular winner that helped set Mercedes-Benz success being none other than Juan Manuel Fangio. Each of Juan’s three wins raising Mercedes up along with him, the success continued on with two drivers’ championships being racked up but a particular incident made Mercedes steer away from racing for some time. This of course didn’t last forever and Mercedes appearance once more as an engine supplier in 1994 partnering up with llmor of all potential associates.

Info on Mercedes, Partnerships + Work

Through the following years and the occurrences of formula one, Mercedes had partnered and worked alongside individuals like Sauber for a single season before switching over to McLaren steadily rising its professional appearance along the way. It was great for the company and simply added onto its amazing history as not only raisers but company engraved in the franchise’s history. Of course it didn’t end with McLaren. There were many others who were able to achieve success by connecting with Mercedes-Benz. Most notable were Force India and Brawn GP. It makes you wonder why Mercedes operated this way for so long. Some speculate that it was gaining information. Valuable information that’d assist them in winning a championship if they ever considered taking one up again.

Goals + Achievements

This was exactly what Mercedes had in mind with the purchase and establishment of the Brawn GP to Mercedes GP later in 2010. From that point on, some memorable events went down. Events that will be in the franchise’s history for a long time. Most notable of the first events that followed being, was the addition of Williams to the teams being supplied. Williams has won many races and championships, specifically going undefeated from 1980 through 1997. It’s insane how much business Mercedes got! But that just shows how wanted they were and still are to this day. Some separations were made with other teams like the split with McLaren for 2015 and the pursuit of a partnership with the Lotus F1 team briefly. Then came manor and through all of these years Mercedes has racked up higher numbers than simply 100 wins and the numbers will simply continue to rise with Mercedes as time goes on. Right now Mercedes is in another race for the finish line and the grand prix! Things seem bright for the team since they’re ahead of competition. Only time will tell, whether they’ll win this year.