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For many years new circuits have been added to the list of race tracks drivers can be seen racing on. A few years back there wasn’t one as intriguing as the ones being added now in this time to Formula One. Of all the F1 Circuits there is a new rather interesting Circuit being implemented to the new F1. That new circuit being Baku, the newest destination that has many spectators and even racers waiting in anticipation to see what Baku holds for the upcoming races. This new circuit is one that’s never been seen and there are others being added too! So definitely consider going to these at some point after reading on and learning more about them.

New Tracks Info

For a new city track Copenhagen has been mentioned. It’ll be exactly 4.5 kilometers and has been verified by the heads of the motor sport. There will be a sharp corner included on this track that races need to watch out for and should prepare to encounter in advanced. Hopefully there aren’t any seriously life threatening crashes as there have been in other tracks in the past. There will also be two bridges that the formula one driver will be able to pass over, something that has never been seen before! Only time will tell what will happen with this particular track. It’s a track at the center of a city!!! Let that sink in. Just imagine the income spectators will bring in. Liberty Media has major plans for the future of formula one and that’s being seen with projects like the one in Baku and Copenhagen.

Other Notable Projects + Conclusion

The third major project that will be discussed is the British grand prix plans that are being formed and elaborated on. According to McLaren, there will be a new British grand prix. This circuit will be revolved around the working streets. Specifically it’ll be called the international circuit and individuals like Fernando Alonso will be seen racing through this amazing creation rather soon breaking speeds of approximately 180 mph or more. Single seater street racing hasn’t been seen for a long time, the last time being around 1990 so bringing it back to Britain is something that will attract many back to Formula One. There’s even a rumor going around that there may be a city center race in London too. So there are many cool circuit and events to look forward to in the oncoming years.