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There have been old teams who’ve made historical contributions to the Formula One lineage but there are also New Teams making names for themselves. With the New set of rules, evolution continues on. Formula one is improving. But will these new rules in 2018 make it harder for old teams to adjust and remain or will it lead to new entertaining races? Well first, the new rules should be explored along with the New Teams and what each has to offer, competition wise.

Events + Improvements

As always the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship is like no other event! It’s the ultimate competitive race that all drivers dream of. It will all start around March and conclude in November. Drivers as always will still compete for the World Drivers’ and World Constructors’ titles as it’s always been done. The first notable addition to this Formula One Championship is that there will be a “halo” cockpit protection device that will be beneficial to the racers and their teams for obvious reasons. With the addition of safety precaution, the driver’s minds will be at ease and that will allow them to focus much more on the races at hand. Races that their teams depend on.

Teams Who Will Participate in the Grand Event

Teams that’ll definitely be joining this grand 2018 event range from Mercedes, Ferrari, Force India-Mercedes, Williams, Haas, Renault, Sauber-Ferrari, Toro Rosso and even McLaren’s. Although, all these teams are taking part, there are some slight changes that could affect certain teams’ success. Like McLaren reportedly eliminated the contract partnership they had with Honda and have now signed a three year deal with Renault for power units. It was implied by the team that due to Honda failing to provide reliable and useful power units, their chances of victory in each race were decreased substantially. This new partnership with Renault was made possible after Toro Rosso split with Renault giving McLaren an open opportunity to take advantage and make things better for themselves. Of course McLaren isn’t the only one making changes. Sauber confirmed their once more established partnership with Ferrari. This partnership will allow them to gain new power units that were greatly needed, especially after using older models and not getting as much success throughout 2017. Such a partnership means that Sauber will be improving in 2018 for the better with these positive additions.

Other Changes + Conclusion

Aside from those changes, Special gloves will be added that allow the crews and team of a specific driver, to know the condition of the driver in case a crash occurs. Rules consisting of governing starting procedures will be changed effectively in 2018, which gives stewards the ability to hand out penalties for incorrect race starts. The pre-season test days have gone down to seven. All of these changes are very promising and only time will tell the other amazing changes that’ll come out of 2018 in Formula One.